How many PR blogs have you read in the past?

How many of them are written by a PR person from Indonesia?


The first time I was asked to be a speaker for a campus PR workshop, one of the participant asked me this question:

There are a lot of more senior and experienced PR professionals in Indonesia, how can we compete with them?

My answer was, there is almost no way for a PR beginner to get pass the more experienced folks out there. The only thing that we can do is to speed up the learning process by gaining more insights, not text book knowledge.

This blog hopefully can be inspiration for every PR person out there, or to those who are working with PR so you’ll be able to understand us better.

I started working as PR by end of 2011, started working at a PR agency and now a PR Manager for an e-commerce company in Indonesia. My writing may or may not reflect about my position at my current company.

Please drop a comment if you want me to post specific topic or if you have any feedback to my thoughts.

Happy reading!