Why Public Relations?

Few weeks back I was invited by a friend for a sharing session with PR college students about working in the PR industry, especially what it takes for the young milenial generation to succeed in this industry.

When the session ended, two college students interviewed me for their jurnalism writing project. One of the question they asked was: why did I choose public relations for my study in college?

After attending many sharing session for the past three years, I started to have un-written guidebook to answer questions asked by these college students. But this one is new, and I’ve never really think of the answer to this question until now.

So why public relations?

My mind travelled back to when I first started learn to read. I was able to write and read by the time I was in pre-school when other kids still enjoyed learning with their toys. My mom read me stories at least three different stories almost everyday since I was born and I’ve finished reading almost 50 encyclopedia for teens and adult before I graduated elementary school — although I was never the type of kids who got top ranked at school, LOL, I wonder why. My love with stories apparently has started at a very young age. I love writing stories about anything. I remembered writing different stories everyday rather than finishing my homework.

The excitement continues when I started doing presentation for school project when I was in junior high school. At that time, I told my mother that I was bored with old-fashioned homework that only asked us to do research and write a report about it — why not tell it to the whole class? So my mother went to speak to the school headmaster and asked him to encourage students to do more presentation for our homework. No one knew that this changes at school was because of what my mother did (HAHA!).

When I was in high school and need to decide what will I choose for my major in college, my mom told me, “I don’t know that much about the type of work you’ll get if you take communication major. But what I know is that you will be able to create and tell stories.” I didn’t think twice. Although my teacher and the rest of my family told me to be a doctor or engineer, I have made up my mind.

Stories. Creating and telling stories are the reasons why I choose to be what I am now. I am grateful to have the opportunity that not many people might have, to love what I do. The homework I have now is to combine between what I love and what am I good at with what the world needs.

What’s next?

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