The Best Place to Work

Recently Weber Shandwick APAC has been chosen as the Best Places to Work by PR Week Asia and earlier this year Weber Shandwick also wins PR Agency of the Year 2016

You had no idea how happy and proud I am when I saw the news, although I didn’t work there anymore 😉

In APAC, Weber Shandwick currently have 18 offices, including in Jakarta, with more than 900 employees.

WS corporate

posing the fierce look!

From my perspective and experience, this is what I think that makes Weber Shandwick a great place to work:

Opportunity and recognition

Working in a well-known PR agency has been one of the dream for many PR major fresh graduate, including myself. Yet, the way people work in a PR agency apparently is nothing like what we’ve learned in school — it’s a whole new world. I was clueless, yet full of curiosity.

At that time, I only had one internship experience before interning at Weber Shandwick. Yet, I got accepted as full-time employee right after I finished my internship period. And during three years working at Weber Shandwick, I learned so many things more than I expected, just because I have been given so many opportunities to participate in several different challenging responsibilities and tasks. My love for public relations industry has grown stronger because of my work experience at Weber Shandwick.

Team culture

The difference between working at a PR agency compared to being in-house PR is that you get to work with almost everyone in the office for several different type of PR work, whether it’s corporate PR or consumer PR — you get to try everything with everyone. But what makes it interesting for me is that the work environment is very constructive. Being a fresh graduate at that time doesn’t mean you don’t get to speak up your opinion. I remembered one time when I was invited to be part of new client pitch because the leader think me being the youngest on the team will provide a more relevant insights in developing the pitch proposal.

I also get the experience to work closely with Weber Shandwick team from different countries and this is a priceless experience. From time to time, the regional team came to our office and did some sharing session which provides insights that has been collected from Weber Shandwick colleagues in other market. There are many multi-national PR agency in Indonesia, but apparently not that many that has a good relationship with the rest of their colleague overseas for skill development.

Baxter Jolly, Weber Shandwick CEO for APAC describe what is it like to work at the company:

Empowering, fast-paced, inspiring.

The leader

Yes, everyone must have had a love-and-hate relationship experience with their leaders. Yet, I came to an understanding that they are in that position for some reason, a very good one (not saying that this applied to everyone, but at least in my case that’s what I thought). Some said, the character of a company depends on its leader’s character.

For me, I’m grateful to have a boss who is not only a great leader, but also a friend. It’s interesting to learn about the industry from the perspective of a person who has years of experience, it speed up the learning curve! Everyone has their own style of leadership. But what’s important for me is the leader has to be a great listener.


For this post, I asked my ex-boss about what he thinks that makes Weber Shandwick (especially the Jakarta office) to be a best place to work:

Weber Shandwick provide a sound platform for all of the consultants to always and continuously seek for the best in client experience and personal development.

Thanks, boss. That sums up this blog post exactly 🙂

My first workplace is one of the best thing that has ever happened to me and I’m forever grateful for it.


The decision to leave was one of the hardest decision ever. It wasn’t because I don’t like working there anymore, but because I realise I love it so much that I know at some point I need to leave so I don’t get stuck in my comfort zone.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 3.31.54 PM

last pic with the team :”)

Weber Shandwick, engaging always.

This post was initially about my first workplace being a truly memorable experience, but then it was saved as draft for quite sometime until the announcement came up. So I’ll do another post on how I end up working at Weber Shandwick for another time.

Updated: here’s the story of how I ended up working at Weber Shandwick and a Thank You Note of the people who has been a great support for my career life.

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