Int vs. Eks Trovert in PR

This post supposed to be published right after new year. But again, being so irrationally perfectionist, I just couldn’t publish this ’til I felt comfortable with what I wrote. conversation occurred in Twitter world between @bukik and @taniaamalia.

@bukik : introvert people, what are your plans for NYE?
  @taniaamalia: such a specific question this is > introvert people, what are your plans for NYE?
  @bukik: an introvert working as a public relations? What a challenge..

This is such an interesting question and challenging topic indeed. (and I think he saw my Twitter’s bio, as we haven’t met previously)

Before you continue reading this post, for those of you who knew what kind of personality that I’m having, please answer these following questions:

which personality suits me better? Introvert or extrovert?

which personality should be more appropriate for your perception about person working in public relations industry? Introvert or extrovert?

If you chose extrovert for both answer, you have the resemblance of what common people are thinking about person working in public relations.

If you chose introvert for both answer, I do think you need to go out just a little bit more. Talking to strangers are not always hazardous, if I may say. 😀

Most people thought that being a person working as public relations, are suitable for those who are highly sociable, able to open themselves up to other and most likely talkative. You need to spend your free time partying, hanging out at the newest, hottest spots in town and all those glamorous things that might make a high-school students reconsider their decision when choosing public relations for their major in university.

I’ve been working for a well-known global PR agency for over a year now, and worked as intern for almost a year. Basically, I began to see what’s underneath people’s perception towards PR. I obviously can’t blame people who has that kind of perception and I can’t say that’s it’s a wrong perception either.



An outgoing, overtly expressive person



  1. A shy, reticent, and typically self-centered person.
  2. A person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things.

Back then, I considered myself as a very introvert person. I rather observe a conversation occur between my friends and perhaps their new stranger friends rather than jumped in or even create a new conversation. But now, I feel like this is a new and improved version of moi. I no longer parted the concept between introvert and extrovert.

Well, I can be both. How? This is how: having such introvert personality for over almost 20 years now, you have too many thoughts in your heads and your trembling with the decision which one that you have to share with the rest of the world-or maybe just a new person sitting next to you at a bar.

The point is, you need to learn and understand that every people has something that they want to share with the world, either it’s just a new mascara  or a new pair of stunning high heels.

You may not a kind of person that likes to go to hang out places in town, but every once in a while you need to take a breath of fresh air, see, observe and join the conversation. And some other time, you can enjoy being yourself that is rushing with your endless thoughts.

You may be scarred talking to new people, but there’s always something interesting about a strange person, either it’s about their way of talking or just their preferences menu for the dessert. You can always work your way from there.

Back to the two question I asked before; yes, I am an introvert and yes, I think that it’s important for a PR person to have a spark of extrovert personality inside them.

And from this,  I can say that, yes, it was a challenge at first, for a person with introvert personality working in PR industry. I didn’t say I survive the industry by being an introvert, but I also didn’t say that you have to be an extrovert to be able to survive and succeed. Then again, you can’t always push your way of living to the world around you, there’s always some changes you have to make. And as long as you still have your unique character that represents you wholly, why not take a chance and change?

Love, -TA

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