You don’t have to spend years in med school to create a better day for a person with Asperger’s

If you think that you’re unable to change the life of other human being that suffer from a certain disease, you’re totally mistaken.

You don’t have to spend years in med school to become a doctor. Or spend the rest of your life in lab to find a cure for Autism or Asperger’s.

There’s something simpler that you can do to make their life better.

Read an article from CNN on comments about loved ones with Asperger’s here.

I say this proudly and out loud:
You are not a better person yourself when you treated a person with these disease differently as if they choose to live with it and being blamed for the rest of their life.

Meet a person with OCD or cerebral palsy. Get acquainted with them, see for yourself that they are just as interesting, smart and outgoing like other people are.

Then place yourself as someone who’ve been by their side for quite some time. And ask yourself this: do you want others to treat you differently if you have that kind of syndrome and you have no idea why do you suffer from it?

A PR person’s life is dedicated to convey messages based on real facts to obtain certain goals. You can hardly call yourself a PR person if you your words and actions are based on speculation.

This also applies to the case when you’re reacting to those with certain syndrome.

Not necessarily create a campaign to raise the awareness of others regarding this matter. Simply twist the message around by yourself. If you succeeded in creating one better day for a person with brain syndrome, you should be motivated to ask others to do do so.

Shouldn’t you?

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