PR Role in Delivering Social-Related Messages

I just red a news from BBC regarding people in UK perception towards the portray of condition in Africa. They called it as “harming aid effort”. In order to get full understanding of what I’m about to say please refer to the full article here

In relation to the poverty, hunger and high level disease occurrence in the continent, you might never know the real condition in Africa unless you’ve been there and observe it yourself. And despite all the great effort that has been given to people across Africa, we might never know that some people are being resistant to help as they see no hope for the people.

As a person who in her daily life couldn’t resist the thought of how people react to certain messages being delivered every single second, I challenged myself:

it’s actually a PR persons’ responsibility to shift the trend in how we capture the social related issue and convey the message to public in a way that is acceptable and resulted a positive changes of act.

We’ve been seeing and hearing news and pictures that captures the depressed surroundings in Africa. And how often do we get exposed by the positive achievements acquired by many people in Africa that manages to survive and be the agent of change for their nation?

It’s simply irresistible that over the time, people starting to wondering “where does all the help coming to Africa ended up?” if we don’t start to change the way we communicate about Africa?

This might be a great insight for those of you who’ve been working on in a social welfare campaign…

Let me know what you think!

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